50 Cards

Can you think of 50 different Christmas traditions? I created 50 collectible cards sharing just that! From going ice skating to writing Santa to going Christmas caroling, each card explains a different tradition and gives you a fun tip to go with it! I also constructed and wrapped the box they come in.

50 Cards_FrontBack

Cards & Box

50 Cards_front

Life Skills Workshops

For one of my Communications Practicums, I was the marketing coordinator for one of the departments in student activities, the Life Skills Workshops. These were a couple of the posters we made that were hung up around campus to drive traffic to the workshops:

Life Skills 1 Life Skills 2


The purpose of this project was to create an original “typogram” which is a word that can used to express themselves through type. These typograms illustrate the meaning of the words more than the letterforms themselves.



Photo Services

While I was taking a photojournalism class, my professor approached me and asked me if I would be interested in working in his department, Photo Services. Being that it was more on the creative side than my current job was, I was thrilled! I ended up working there until I graduated and loved every minute of it. Here a few photo samples:

Steven_crop katieGrad1 DSC_0010_2

Welcome, Cutie!

For a Mom who already had three girls, a baby boy on the way was definitely a welcomed surprise! When my sister-in-law came to me to with her idea of incorporating California “Cuties” for this baby shower, I just knew the designs would be orange-tastic. I designed the pie bunting, the straw flags, brownie toppers, and gift tags for the take-away gift.

Pie Bunting Drinks FruitSignPies