Baby Girl’s Christmas Stocking

One of my favorite holiday decorations growing up were the handmade felt stockings hanging from the mantel. I have memories of my Mom working diligently to finish them and then help my older sister finish hers when she started having her own kids. Well once I found out I was pregnant and due in October, I decided that I was going to start making one for my baby girl’s first Christmas! And sure enough, I had to call upon my Mom to help me finish MINE in time for Christmas this year. It was definitely a time consuming project, but when the nesting instinct kicked in during my third trimester, I welcomed the challenge. Here is the finished product:


Christo Booklet

When given an option on what artist to study and design a booklet on, I chose to do it on Christo because I find his art so unique and inspiring! The theme for my booklet was revealing through concealment , similar to how Christo’s displays reveal beauty by wrapping them.
Christo Booklet 1 Christo Booklet 2 Christo Booklet 3 Christo Booklet 4

Weekend Crafting

Sometimes when the weekend comes, all I want to do stick in a chick flick, pull out my craft bins and get crafting! This weekend was one of those times. I pulled out the corkboard and paint, threw Julie & Julia in the DVD player and dreamed of french food while I cut out big ‘ol Texas. First I made the states and then decided to make some coasters out of the scraps! I love how they turned out. There’s something about bright colors on neutrals – gets me every time!

 Coasters  States

50 Cards

Can you think of 50 different Christmas traditions? I created 50 collectible cards sharing just that! From going ice skating to writing Santa to going Christmas caroling, each card explains a different tradition and gives you a fun tip to go with it! I also constructed and wrapped the box they come in.

50 Cards_FrontBack

Cards & Box

50 Cards_front


The purpose of this project was to create an original “typogram” which is a word that can used to express themselves through type. These typograms illustrate the meaning of the words more than the letterforms themselves.